Queen palms

The Queen palm is a nice tropical plant which can be used in basic groupings as well as to be able to frame landscapes. That is actually a good  palm for the purpose of lining roads as well as boulevards. Queen palms may be successful inside downtown environments when taken care of with ample water. Queen palm will be fantastic and also easy to grow plant in containers outside the house.

Fan Palm

Fan palm being an illustrative word which makes reference to any one of many different types of palms that having foliage which are palmately (instead of pinnately) compound.

Florida Palmetto

Florida palmetto is native to the southeastern US, the Bahamas and Cuba. It is widely grown from North Carolina to Key West. Florida palmetto is the state tree of South Carolina and Florida.
A new variety of Florida palmetto has been recently discovered, it is known as the Sabal Lisa. There is only difference between these varieties is in leaf arrangement. The Sabal Lisa leaves are costapalmate, but not strongly divided, not pendulous and not filamentose.

Mediterranean Palm

A Mediterranean palm (Chamaerops humilis) is native to the western Mediterranean region.It is widely grown in southwestern Europe and northwest Africa.
A Mediterranean fan palm is a clumping palm tree with several stout trunks growing from a single base. Leaf stems are coverd with sharp needle-like spines.

A Royal Palm is one of few native to Florida palm trees.

A Royal Palm is one of few native to Florida palm trees.